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    For the week of 4/20/2012

    Visit our Iowa City store to find these special deals on imported, micro and speciality beers in stock. Availability may be limited on certain items, so hurry before we drink it all.

    New Beers:

    Stillwater A Saison Darkley, Table Beer, Existent, Cellar Door, State Side Saison, Ourside, Evil Twin Ron & the Beast Ryan, Yin, Yang, and Katz Pils, Emelisse Rauchbier, Barley Wine, Imperial Stout, and Holland Oats, Sierra Nevada Olivia Double 4pks, Shipyard Smashed Blueberry, Boulevard Boss Toms, Sam Adam's Longshot & Hopthology 12p pks, Fox Barrel Ruhbarb Elderberry Cider. Please check out our new selection of single micro brewery cans-it's CANTASTIC!!!!

    From the US
    John's Belgian White 6-12 oz. $6.99
    Millstream IPA, Schildbrau, Pils, Wheat, Stout 6-12 oz. $7.99
    Grain Belt 12-12 oz. cans $7.99
    Grain Belt Light 12-12 oz. cans $7.99
    Point 2012 Black 12-12 oz. cans $6.99
    O'Fallon Wheach 12-12 oz. cans $9.99
    O'Fallon Hemp, 5 Day IPA, Porter 6-12 oz. $7.99
    Bells Oberon 6-12 oz. $7.99
    Sierra Nevada Ruthless 6-12 oz. $6.99
    From Belgium
    Wittekerke Wit 6-11.2 oz. cans $4.99
    Trubador Magma 1-750mL. $9.99
    La Trapple Triple 1-750mL. $8.99
    From Canada
    Unibroue Maudite 4-11.2 oz. $7.99
    Unibroue Maudite 2-750 mL. $9.99
    From Germany and Eastern Europe
    Spaten Optimator 6-500mL. $9.99
    Paulaner Weisen Can + 1 L Mug 1-33.8 oz. $9.99
    Weihenstephaner Festbier 2 x 6-12 oz. $15.99
    Czech Rebel 6-12 oz. $9.99
    From England
    Cains Lager 6-12 oz. $4.99

    Prices and availability subject to change without notice.

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