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    We offer an ever-expanding selection of around 700 specialty, craft-brewed, and imported beers. This array represents beers from at least 30 different countries -- most notably Germany, Czech Republic, Britain, Ireland, Scotland -- as well as including a cornucopia of over 125 Belgian beers. This makes John's one of the most diverse outlets for Belgian beer on this continent. On the other hand, if you're thirsty for a hard-to-find beer from Argentian, Italy or Croatia -- no problem! Closer to home, you'll find a dizzying variety of at least 175 specialty domestic microbrews in the store at any point in time. Microbrews include rotating seasonal specialties, so you'll want to come in often to see what we've added recently.

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    What is a Various?

    Amber Sampler U.S. Various $9.99 (6-12 oz)
    Belgian Global Sampler Pack Belgium Various $17.99 (6-11.2 oz)
    Bells Sampler U.S. Various $15.99 (6-12 oz)
    Boulder Sampler U.S. Various $14.99 (12-12 oz)
    Boulevard Boss Tom U.S. Various $8.99 (6-12oz)
    Boulevard Sampler U.S. Various $15.99 (12-12 oz)
    Breckenridge Sampler U.S. Various $15.99 (12-12 oz)
    Breckenridge Summer Bright U.S. Various $1.99 (1-12oz)
    Breckenridge Summer Can Sampler U.S. Various $11.99 (12-12oz)
    Central Waters Sampler U.S. Various $9.99 (6-12 oz)
    Czech-Austrian Sampler Czech Republic Various $14.99 (6-16.9oz)
    Double Rogue Series U.S. Various $13.99 (1-750 mL)
    Dues France Various $29.99 (1-750 mL)
    Empyrean Burning Sky U.S. Various $8.99 (6-12 oz)
    Engelszelll Trappist Sampler Austria Various $34.99 (6-11.2 oz)
    Evil Twin Justin Blabaer Denmark Various $12.99 (1-22oz)
    Goose Island Pub Pack U.S. Various $16.99 (12-12oz)
    Great River Sampler 8 pk U.S. Various $16.99 (8-16 oz)
    hebrew Rejewvenation U.S. Various $7.99 (1-22oz)
    Hen house United Kingdom Various $14.99 (4-16oz)
    John Herny Variety U.S. Various $19.99 (3-750 ml)
    Lakefront U.S. Various $5.99 (1-22 oz)
    Lakefront 88 U.S. Various $19.99 (4-22 oz)
    Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy Cans U.S. Various $14.99 (12-12 oz)
    Madhouse Venture Series U.S. Various $4.99 (1-22oz)
    Mendocino Sampler U.S. Various $17.99 (12-12 oz)
    Millstream Extreme U.S. Various $2.99 (4-12 oz)
    Molto Malto Italy Various $13.99 (1-16.9oz)
    New Belgium Folly Pack U.S. Various $17.99 (12-12 oz)
    $17.99 (12-12 oz)
    Oktoberfest Sampler U.S. Various $9.99 (6-12 oz)
    Ommegang Gift Set U.S. Various $26.99 (3-750ml)
    Ommegang Sampler U.S. Various $14.99 (8-12 oz)
    Paulaner Sampler Germany Various $10.99 (6-12oz)
    Perfect Crime Hollow Point Belgium Various $4.99 (1-12oz)
    Perfect Crime Smoking Gun Belgium Various $4.99 (1-12oz)
    Red Hook Winterhook U.S. Various $8.99 (6-12 oz)
    Rouge New Crustacean U.S. Various $12.99 (1-750ml)
    Sake Master Gift Box Japan Various $59.99 (5-6 oz)
    Sam Adams Hoptology U.S. Various $15.99 (12-12 oz)
    Sam Smith Gift Set United Kingdom Various $9.99 (3-18.6 oz)
    Schell chimney U.S. Various $7.99 (6-12oz)
    Schell Sampler U.S. Various $15.99 (12-12 oz)
    $7.99 (6-12 oz.)
    Schlafly Sampler U.S. Various $14.99 (12-12oz)
    Schneider Gift Box Germany Various $25.99 (5-16.9 oz)
    Shiner Family Reunion U.S. Various $7.99 (6-12 oz)
    Sierra Nevada 4 Way IPA Sampler U.S. Various $17.99 (12-12 oz)
    Sour Power Pack Belgium Various $14.99 (6-12oz)
    Spaten Sampler Germany Various $18.99 (12-12 oz)
    Sprecher Reserve U.S. Various $7.99 (4-12oz)
    St Bernardus Sampler Belgium Various $19.99 (6-11.2oz)
    Stout Sampler U.S. Various $11.99 (6-12 oz)
    Summer Sampler U.S. Various $9.99 (6-12 oz)
    Summit Sampler U.S. Various $13.99 (12-12 oz)
    Tallgrass Mixed 8 pk U.S. Various $14.99 (8-16 oz)
    The Dirty John U.S. Various $11.99 (12/14.9 oz)
    Twisted Pine Mixed U.S. Various $19.99 (12-12oz)
    Unibroue Canada Various $9.99 (2-850ml)
    Unibroue Taster Canada Various $13.99 (6-12 oz)
    Val Dieu Gift Set Belgium Various $13.99 (3-11.2 oz)
    Weihenstephaner Sampler Germany Various $14.99 (6-16.9 oz)
    Widmer BRRR U.S. Various $8.99 (6-12oz)

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