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    Do you sell beer on-line?
    Yes and no. We maintain our price list online, but we will only accept orders over the phone for customers who reside in certain reciprocal states that have agreements with the State of Iowa to allow for the personal importation of alcoholic beverages. Please call 319.337.2183 to place an order.

    Do you ship beer?
    We ship beer via UPS Ground or for larger orders we ship via a common carrier to your business address.

    How do I order beer from you?
    Give us a call at 319.337.2183 Monday thru Friday from 9:00-3:00 C.S.T.

    What states do you ship beer to?
    The laws are constantly changing in regards to direct shipment from a retailer to a customer in another state. Please call us and we'll see what we can do to get you your beer!

    How much does it cost to ship beer?
    The cost for shipping depends on the quantity, the distance you live from Iowa City, the distance you live from a UPS shipping center, and whether it is being shipped to a residential or business address. We will need the exact quantity you are looking for, your zip code, and your location classification (business or residential) to complete a quote.

    How do you make sure I'm of legal age to purchase alcoholic beverages?
    If there is any question that a person placing an order is not of legal age to purchase alcohol in the State of Iowa, then we will require a copy of the purchaser's photo id to be faxed to us at 319.339.4904.

    How do you package the product for safe delivery?
    We double box all products for safe transit with UPS. Beer does not taste good strained thru corrugated cardboard.

    Do I have to place a minimum order?
    There is no minimum order, but generally, the price goes down with larger quantities. We have also found that it works out best to have large bottles in groups of 6, and 12 oz bottles in groups of 12 or 24. It also usually will cost more to have beer shipped when you mix bottle sizes (they usually will not fit into one box.)

    Do you ship internationally?
    We cannot ship beer over seas under any conditions. Glassware is fine, but we cannot ship any alcoholic beverages across boarders.

    Where is your store? I have to see this selection with my own eyes.
    Our store is located right off of Interstate 80 in Eastern Iowa. We are one hour from the Quad Cities, two hours from Des Moines, five hours from Minneapolis, four hours from Chicago, and four hours from St. Louis.

    If I'm not satisified with a purchase, how do I return it?
    If for some reason you are not satisfied with your order, we will gladly refund your purchases minus the shipping cost. We make every effort to insure quality of all of our beers, but as most are bottle conditioned living beers, there are sometimes differences between batches of beer. The beer that you remember drinking years ago may not be the one that you order today. We cannot be held accountable for your beer memory, so order with caution!

    What happens if something is broken in shipping?
    Please call us as soon as you notice the damage to the shipment. UPS requires that you save the box and all contents for up to four business days after alerting us of a damage claim. We will ship out at no cost to you replacement beer as soon as we can confirm a damage claim with UPS.

    How do I know when John's gets new beers in stock?
    Please sign up for our weekly
    beer blowout list. This is updated every Friday with all of our new beers and all of our in-house beer specials.

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