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    Bier Glassware Styles

    Paulaner Boot Boots
    The story goes that during a grueling siege on a town, a Persian general promised his troops he would drink his beer from his boot if they could finally take the town. The troops took the town and the general had to deliver on his promise. Fearing what lurked in his boot (nothing like toe-jam floating in your beer), he had a friend, who just happened to be a glassmaker, fashion him a new boot made out of glass.
    Shown: Paulaner 2.0 litre boot
    Chimay Chalices
    The wide mouth of this type of glass allows for deep inhalation of the bouquet of beers with subtle aromas. The wide shape also encourages a well-carbonated ale to fully develop its head without giving the drinker a face full of foam. The rounded shape also allows quick warming of the beer if held in the drinker's hands, or more slowly if held by the stem.
    Shown: Orval Trappist Ale
    Lindemans Flutes
    Champagne flutes are the ideal serving vessel for lambics. The tall narrow design helps preserve the delicate bubbles of an effervescent lambic and concentrates the bouquet of aromatic beers, channeling it directly to the nose.
    Shown: Lindeman's Lambic
    Watney Mugs
    The dimpled sides make it easier to handle, especially if your hands become slippery. The large, open mouth releases the floral, herbal bouquet as well the malty aroma of the beer.
    Shown: Hacker-Pschorr
    S Pilsners
    Pilsner glasses come in a variety shapes and sizes, but they all are designed to channel the floral hop aroma to the drinker's nose. The clear class showcases the brilliant golden color and lively stream of bubbles.
    Shown: Plain Pilsner
    Thistles are very similar to tulips and snifters, but the bowed shaped is considerably more evident. These glasses are designed to accent the malty aromas of Scottish ales while allowing for the beer to slip underneath the gargantuan head.
    Shown: Douglas Scotch Ale
    Guinness Imperial Pints
    Imperial pints are simple pint glasses which have a bit different shape then shaker or nonick pints. Traditionally marked with the seal of the crown to signify that the glass meets royal standards for volume.
    Shown: Guinness Imperial Pint
    Fullers Nonick Pints
    This style of pint is bulged near the rim for easier handling, as well as to capture the fresh, earthy bouquet of English hops and fruity fermented esters.
    Shown: Fuller's Colored Nonick Pint
    Merlins Shaker Pints
    Originally designed as a bartender's mixing tool, these pints are becoming very common in brewpubs and microbreweries. A very versatile beer glass well suited a variety of beer styles.
    Shown: Merlin's Ale
    Corsendonk Snifter and Tulips
    Tulips, and snifters are considered to be the perfect vessels to "nose" an especially aromatic beer. A snifter has a somewhat smaller opening and taller cup. The design is perfect for aromatic Belgian ales.
    Shown: Gulden Draak
    Hacker Pschorr Stein Steins und Krugs
    Steins with pewter tops where originally designed to keep flies out of the beer. With or with a top, the stein is considered by many to be the perfect vessel for consumption of bock beer. The heavy stoneware material helps insulate the beer.
    Shown: Hacker-Pschorr Commemorative Stein
    Ayinger Tumblers
    Tumblers can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. This diversity makes it hard to classify such a broad range of glass styles. Typically, the straight-side variety of tumblers are great for sampling a wide range of beers while the more curved tumblers are generally better suited for lagers.
    Shown: Ayinger
    Weizen glasses are some of the best balanced and designed glasses made. They are rugged yet look delicate. The tall and slightly bowed-out shape make this glass perfect for retaining just the right amount of aroma from this distinctive beer style.
    Shown: Edelweiss Weizen
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