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    Check out our new Breweriana Annex at our Iowa City store to see our entire 400+ item inventory.

    Top Ten Items Our Customer's Favorite Items
    1) Guinness Black and Tan Spoon
    (Misc. Equipment)
    2) Guinness Imperial
    (Pint - Imperial)
    3) Stella Artois
    4) Lindemans Lambic
    5) Orval Trappist Ale
    6) Newcastle
    (Pint - Shaker)
    7) Labatt
    (Pint - Shaker)
    8) Sierra Nevada Shaker
    (Pint - Shaker)
    9) Rogue Dead Guy Ale
    (Pint - Shaker)
    10) Warsteiner - Party Mug

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