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    How to pour the perfect pint

    Pouring the perfect pint can take time. Avoid the practice of pouring the beer at a thirty-degree angle and letting the beer roll down the side of the glass. If you want to get maximum flavor from your beer, do the unthinkable. Pour the beer down the center of the glass to create an immense head. Let the head settle and repeat the process until you have the perfect pint.


    How to pour the a weizen beer

    Pouring a weizen (wheat) bier is a bit different than pouring other ales or lagers, mainly due to the yeast sediment and high carbonation associated with the style.

    Step 1 Hold the glass at an angle and carefully pour the contents of the bottle into it.
    Step 2 Leave a small amount of beer in the bottle and gently swirl the bottle to stir up the yeast.
    Step 3 Then hold the glass straight and add the rest from the bottle. This is the best way to distribute the yeast in the beer.

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