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    Artisan Cheeses Arrive at John's

    We are going to try to give a little international color to our traditionally predominately yellow/orange cheese section. Our new selection of artisan cheeses arrived last week. Here are some of the highlights-

    Chimay Grand Cru - Belgium
    Made by trappist monks, Chimay is a semi-soft cheese with mild, earthy flavors. The rind is washed with Chimay Ale, adding a pungent aromatic component.

    Moule Main Chevre - France
    Wonderful, mild goat cheese from the Loire Valley . We have our own grape root louse, Phylloxera, to thank for this one. When Phylloxera devastated the region's vineyards in the 1800's the farmers turned to cattle, goats and cheese to make their living. Moulle Main has a chewy texture and a nutty, piquant flavor and also will benefit from aging, becoming stronger and drier the longer it is stored in the fridge.

    Pagliettina - Piedmont, Italy
    A Brie-style cheese from northern Italy . Creamy with a slightly chewy texture. Traditionally aged in straw to develop the soft white rind that imparts a hint of mushroom aroma to the cheese.

    Explorateur - Ile-de-France, France
    Triple cream French cheese. Lush, creamy and rich, Explorateur has a 75% fat content. Yes, that does make it richer than Haagen Dazs. A spectacular treat with crisp, fresh fruit (granny smith apples). Plus, it has a cool rocket on the label.

    Petit Basque - Pyrenees, France
    From France 's Basque region along the border with Spain . Basque shepherds produce the sheep's milk for Petit Basque high in the Pyrenees Mountains . It is a semi-hard cheese with fruit notes of apple and pear as well as flavors of butter, hazelnut and olive.

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