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Doug and Mike's 1999 Drunken European Adventure

  Tasting Notes
  Fuller Turner and Smith, Tasting Room
Cheswick Bitter: Light amber, cask conditioned and hand pulled ale with a light to medium body. Soft malt flavor is nicely balanced with the dry hopping of Kent Goldings each firkin receives when racked.

Fullers ESB: Dark amber, cask conditioned and hand pulled. Dry hopped just like the Cheswick Bitter but with toffee notes on the front, with a dry aromatic finish that lasts and lasts. Truly extra special! The dry hopping when the keg is filled really makes this ale completely different than the ESB we receive in the US.The ESB is one of Fuller's slower selling beer in the UK, primarily because the beer has a had a reputation for several years of being the strongest of Fuller's beers. In social situations, you would drink ESB when you needed to catch up to your friends at the pub.

Fullers Red Fox: Bottled only for the U.K.. Brewed to be different then the traditional beers of Fuller's as it departs from the house flavor. Made with toasted oats, this dark amber style ale is unlike any other amber/red we've ever had. A robust bitter that is made with generous amounts of malt and toasted oats the would make Quaker Oats proud!

Fullers Porter: We didn't taste their London Porter as it is available only for the US market. Porter is still a dying style in the U.K. just as much as mild. It is primarily the American market that is keeping the porter style from going extinct.

Thanks to Mark Proell at Paulaner of N.A. for setting up this tour and Robert Gatwick of Fullers for giving us one to the best Brewery tours we've ever had. If you are in the London area, let us know and we can try to set up your own tour, it's well worth it!

Coaching Room., The George Inn
Old Speckeled Hen: Dark amber in color, cask conditioned with light body and low carbonation. A tweney aroma with a pleasant hoppy finish. A nice but not overwhelming bitter.

Restoration: Brewed especially for the George Inn. Light amber with a similar but lighter aroma to that of Schnieder's Aventinus. A nice frothy head from this cask conditioned ale made by Whitbread. A pleasant ordinary bitter.

Cantillion Lambic Brewery: >Lambic 2 years old: Straight from the cask after two years of maturation. Very tart and acidic with a slightly hazy golden color. Mellow lambic flavor.

Gueuze 9 months: This blend of three different vintages of lambic is nine months old. Crisp golden color with a mellow acidity. Very refreshing and bit a sour. A very good example of a true gueuze.

Rose 'de Cantillion (framboise): Fantastic raspberry nose. Not nearly as sweet and fruity as other framboises.

Vingneronve (white wild grape): Made from white wild grapes from Italy as the same type of Belgian wild grapes are too expensive to use in large quantities. Golden in color with a rich head. Tartness and faint white grape flavor make this one of finest flavored lambics we've ever tasted. Wine lovers would really appreciate this beer.

Faro: This lambic is sweetened with candy sugar to give it a very distinctive sweetness. It almost wants to make the fillings in your teeth ring. Virtually all the acidity has vanished leaving a slight malty sweetness that is overwhelmed by a sugary sweetness. This is the brewery's least favorite beer to make as it "artifical."

Iris: A golden amber spontaneously fermented barely-based beer. While all lambics are technically wheat beers (they contain 65% wheat malt), the Iris is produced only with barley. This gives this beer a strong malt flavor with considerably less acidity. Iris was produced originally back in 1996 to celebrate the brewery museum's 20th anniversary. They are now producing it regularly.

Brouwerij Van Steenberge:
Augustijn: Simple abbay ale with an interesting spicy palate that finishes very fruity with complex hoppy undertones.

Mongozo: African name that means "good health." Incredibly malty with the house flavor typical of Augustijn. Finishes very smooth.

La Civiere D'or (restaurant in Brugse):
Blanche de Brugse Tarwebier: This witbier is naturally cloudy with promising notes of orange in the aroma. Slight dryness in the initial taste, but finishes very clean with hint of orange. Very similar to John's Generations White Ale.

Duvel (on draught): Shimmery golden color with a rich frothy head that would not die. Flowery fragrence and a medium body.

Den Dyver (restaurant in Brugse):
Rochefort 10: Considered among many to be one the best beers in the world. This Trappist ale has an exquisite nose that whispers to you the wonderful flavors that your mouth is about to experience. Incredible mouthfeel with a bold burnt maltiness. Lingering, almost fruity sour finish that melts in your mouth.

Piraat (Den Dyver's house beer labeled as their own): Bright golden color with a nice thick head. House aroma of strong hop aroma, but not flowery or herbal. Tart yeasty dryness with a soft, lingering dry finish.

Westmalle Dubbel: This Trappist ale is a dark burgundy color with a refreshing carbonation. Similar nose to Rochefort, but a little lighter. Dry maltiness and delicate hoppy finish.

Drei Fontenen Geuze: A new blender of lambic, this producer has made a gueuze of three, two, and one year old vintages of lambic from Lindemans, Boone, and Helardane (sp?.) Pleasant sour aroma with an assertive acidity that is balanced with a dry fruitiness. Bottled in January of 1998. Magnificent.

De Dolles Brewery:
Oerbier: "Our Bier" was the De Dolles (Mad Brewers in Flemish) first beer they produced in 1981. Dark with a rich creamy head, this naturally produced beer has no peer. liqorice and grape nose with a phenomenal fruit flavor.

Oeral: The name sounds a lot like Orval because Chris, the brewmaster, was poking fun at the Trappist brewery. This trippel has a sparkling crisp yellow color with a lightly hopped nose. Brewed originally to celebrate the birth of his daughter, this beer is now brewed on a limited basis for special local events.

Arabier: Golden and highly carbonated. Moderate hops and with a touch of sweetness.

Chimay: Blue Cap 1999: Tasted at a restaurant down the road from the abbey. Dark amber color with a rich frothy head. Complex maltiness with the traditional notes of black current coming through very delicately. Crisp smooth finish.

Red Cap: Light amber in color with a pronounced skunkiness. Very hard to drink. Moderate hop flavor to start that finishes with a strong malt flavor.

Beersel Kasteelfeesten:
Boon Gueuze: Clean golden color with a wonderful effervescence. Slightly sour nose with a tart flavor. Finishes smooth.

Lucern, Switzerland:
Today, we took a break from beer...well we had just one. It was the house beer of the restaurant we had our only meal of the day. About all we can say about it is "it was wet."

Paulaner Brauerei:
Salvator: Mmmm....doppelbock.

Hefe-Weissbier: This weissbier is bright with a hazy yellow color. It has the characteristic aromas of vanilla, cloves, bananas, and apple as with all good weizens. I (Mike) had it with the Pakrikakuhn (paprika chicken) I ordered over lunch at the Paualner biergarten next to the brewery. Excellent pairing.

Schneider Haus:
Aventinus: Not quite as astringent as we recall from the version we had in the states. Served wit a huge head and a malty nose; chocolate, fruit and spices in the palate, and a light clove finish. A very warming beer. Not exactly for summer.

Hefe-Weissbier: Ahhh. This weissbier is the most traditional Bavarian weizen made in Munich. Not quite as pale in color as most. Perfect blend of banana, apple, and clove in the aroma and a sweet wheaty-maltiness that is very refreshing.

Some cafe in Füssen:
Haser-Brau Dunkel Weizen: Carmel color with a medium body and slight banana aroma. Refreshing mild maltiness and a nice dry finish.

König Ludwig Dunkel: Dark amber with a burnt roasty maltiness nose. Thin body with a lingering bitterness and mild sweet malty flavor. Very pleasant.

Bratwurstherzl am Viktualienmarkt
Hacker-Pschorr Weiss: Pale golden color with strong apple notes in the nose. Beautiful frothy head. A bit sweeter than other Munich weissbiers. Nice malty sweet finish. A real thirst quencher.

Hacker-Pschorr Dunkel-Weiss: Dark hazy amber color with a strong malty nose. Moderately sweet flavor with a light body and light bitter finish.

Radler (half Edelhelle and half lemonade): Very refreshing citrus flavored drink. Lemonade is present in the aroma and it cancels out most of the beer flavor of the Edelhelle.

Ayinger Brauerei
Liebhardt's Kellerbier: This lager is an unfiltered beer made in the traditional style. Before filtration systems were invented, all beer was naturally cloudy. Ayinger has brought back this style and it being well received in the Munich area. Mid hoppy aroma with a soft malty body. Pleasant Hallertau hop finish with a light golden hazy color. Excellent.

Jahrhundert-Bier: Golden, rich frothy head with a crisp carbonation. Mild sweetness and lots of hop aroma. Clean light body with a soft finish.

Altbairish Dunkel: Burnt roasty nose with a dark red color. Burnt bitterness with a smooth malt and caramel flavor. Finishes light with a lingering bitterness. This beer is very nice in the States, but incredible on tap. This beer definately stays in Mike's Top 10 list!

Celebrator Döppelbock: Kinda disappointed that this beer wasn't served on tap, but nonetheless it is still incrediable. Great caramel and toasted malt aroma with the complex fruitiness of roasted malt in the middle and a faintly smokey dryness in the finish. Very brandy-like.

Bräu-Weisse Ironically this beer is made at neighboring brewery as the Ayinger brewery does not have the facilities to brew top-fermenting ales until thier new brewhouse comes on-line. Cloudy with a light body. Medium bitterness. Reminiscent of pear, lemon, clove. Thirst quenching with a gold sweet/bitter balance.

Prien - some Italian restaurant:
Erharting Weiss bier: Apple nose with a light carbonation. Refreshing with a nice malty finish. Nothing spectacular.

Erharting Pils: Moderate hop aroma with a light body. Somewhat hoppy finish. Again, nothing special.

Alter Fuchs "The Old Fox" - Salzburg, Austria:
Weininger Dunkel-Export: Nice and light with hints of peat. Boring.

Weininger Dunkel-Weizen: Banana nose with moderate carbonation. Slight citrus with a nice light lingering malty finish.

Czech Republic:
Budweiser Budavar: - We made it! Brilliant golden color with a crisp and flowerly herbal hop aroma. Light body and assetive bitterness. Spectacular hop finish. Can't beat this at 50 cents a half litre.

Platan: Tasted this one at a small festival. Lightly carbonated with a complex lingering hop finish.

Radesgast: Light hoppy aroma with a crystal holden color. Light and soft body with mild malt flavor.

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