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Doug and Mike's 1999 Drunken European Adventure

Up to our waist in tombstones Doug & Mike's Drunken Europe Trip '99
Regent. The oldest brewery in the Czech Republic dating back to 1379. Our ancestors drank this particular beer so we were very happy to drink a bottle or two.
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The two reasons we came to the Czech Republic were to research family history and drink beer (not necessarily in that order). Today was family history day, and it was spent hiking around graveyards, getting lost in the woods and taking pictures of family homes and churches. We won't boar you with all the details, but we did find out a few things that were interesting.

We found the house that Joseph Albrovsky, Doug & Mike's Great Great Great Great Grandfather built, and discovered that he was a very successful cabbage farmer who liked to drink beer. With just that small bit of information, you can explain the family's love for sauerkraut, their great coleslaw recipe (sold of course at John's) and you all know about their obsession with beer.

We found Doug & Mike's Great Great Great Grandmother's family grave and the family business, which still exists. It was a mill located in a little town called Metel. The town consists of 3 buildings: the mill, a small house and a chicken farm. Oh what interesting smells we discovered there.

We found the church where the Great Great Great Grandparents were married and attended mass there. That last part was an accident, but was still very interesting. The entire service was in Czech, and they chant a lot more than we do in the states. The altar was beautiful, and we got to sit in some of the original pews. Of course we learned something. Don't drink a beer before mass or you may get a little droopy eyed. Right, Doug?

The beer we tried right before mass was the only one around (the brewery, not the bottle) when the relatives would have been in Bohemia. It is called Bohemia Regent and it tastes like water. No wonder they drank so much of it.

After a full day of digging up ancestors (ha! We made a genealogy joke!) we saw some sites including the historic sections of Tabor and Pisek.

We'd also like to take this opportunity to comment on the attire displayed here. Yes, it has been hot, and yes, it is a holiday weekend (4th and 5th are Czech Holidays), but it intrigues us that everywhere we turn, all people are wearing is a bathing suit. People in pubs, on bikes, in stores, gardening, standing on the streets. Very odd. The only place we saw "regular" clothing was in church, and the boys slept through that. I guess it just wasn't visually exciting enough for them.

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