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Retro Collection Olympia Schlitz Blatz Pabst
Northside Oktoberfest Northside Oktoberfest featuring the Iowa City Brewfest
Last year's Northside Oktoberfest was a smashing success. This year there is more of everything! Check out the Northside Oktoberfest site page for details.

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Brewnost BrewNost to benefit the National Czech and Slovak Museum
In our 10th year, we're turning it up to 11 this year! We'll have 25 different booths featuring 21 different styles of beer paired with some of the best culinary delights that our local chefs can come up with.
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John's Grocery Tour Video
Watch a 27 minute video of an offical tour of John's Grocery. See all the magical places we store beer and hear some of the stories that make us such a unique place in Iowa.
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Retro Collection
Your grand-daddy used to drink the "beer that made Milwaukee famous" and now you can wear clothing or drink from glassware that proudly proclaims you are keeping the tradition alive!

Check out our "Retro Collection" of products featuring the logos of Pabst, Schlitz, Blatz and Olympia for some serious nostaglia.

Our beer, wine, and breweriana selections are among the best in the country. Browse through our shelves to find that hard-to-find brew.

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