Grocery Department

John’s Grocery Grocery Department:

John and Erma Alberhasky opened John’s Grocery in 1948. Today, nearly 70 years later, we work hard to uphold the family tradition of providing quality products and service. We have been and always will be your friendly neighborhood corner grocery store. Over time we have added unique and special products that transcend our humble origins. We jokingly say we have milk, eggs, bread, cheese, and a nationally renowned selection of adult beverages and accoutrements. John’s Grocery, an Iowa city tradition since 1948.


Cobra Verde

$2.99/each or 2 for $5

Campbell’s Chunky soup

18.8 oz for $1.99

Sahale glazed nut mix

4 oz for $4.99

Verena street coffee

12 oz for $6.99

Mixed Fun size candy bars

10-11 oz for $2.99

Chili Dawg’s Pepper spreads

9 oz for $4.99

Kettle Brand Potato chips

8.5 oz 2 for $6.99 or $3.79

Noah’s Raw Chocolate

Vanilla Almond, Avocado Pistachio, Honey Coconut | 2 oz | $5.99

Intelligentsia Coffee

12 oz | $14.99

Chili Dawg’s Meat and Grill glaze

9 oz | $4.99

Dr Praegers Frozen Fish Fillets

10.2 oz | $5.99

Cape Cod Potato Chips all flavors

8oz | $3.29

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