Why buy wine at John’s? Because for 25 years, we have been, and remain, the best in the wine business in Iowa City. That means you will pay less for wines that you will enjoy more. Our wine staff is both educated about wine and trained to help people find wines they will enjoy. We taste and compare hundreds of wines in the process of selecting what goes on our shelves. We aggressively seek out volume discounts on wines we like, from our distributors and the wineries who supply them, so you get to enjoy the best wines available at the best prices possible. Our experience with wine and food pairing is unparalleled in the state and our recommendations will include wines in your price range, no matter where that range falls. We have thousands upon thousands of satisfied customers to whom we have supplied wine, beer, and spirits for weddings, parties, recruitment dinners, and other events, not to mention the millions, yes, millions of bottles we have put in the hands of happy, Iowa City wine drinkers. We focus on wines produced by real wineries, not labels created in a focus-group marketing session to make a bottle irresistible to millenials or soccer moms. Our marketing strategy for all demographic groups is “great wine at great prices.” We hope you’ll agree that it’s a recipe for success.